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Basschat is the second largest online community for bass guitarists in the world. Our members say it is one of the friendliest and helpful communities on the internet. The site allows members a place to get advice on a range of topics from amplifiers to strings and it's also the best place to buy and sell secondhand equipment. Many of our members meet up in real life at regional 'Bassbashes' where they get to try each others gear out.

The site is owned by Steve and Chris. Steve focuses on strategy and development while the site is managed on a day to day basis by Chris, who is supported by a dedicated team of moderators.

If you would like to get in touch, please send an email to one of us using the addresses below.

For help with forum tasks like moving posts, please contact a moderator assigned to the forum in question. Moderators names are displayed in brackets at the end of the forum name on the home page.

General enquiries (payment, classifieds, also read FAQ)

Advertising enquiries (site banners, Facebook/Twitter advertising and promotion)