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All your Basschat questions answered! If there's anything we've missed, send us your suggestions.

1. How do I register?
Use the orange box in the corner. SIgn up and we'll send you an email where you'll click the link to validate the account.

2. I didn't get my validation email and I feel left out, what now?
Send us an email and we can manually validate you. It may be in your spam folder, too. Check that.

3. Why can't I PM (Private Message) a member?
You have to be a member yourself. Sign up for free and join in.

4. I get an error/no permission notice when I try and post/view/PM. What gives?
Your account is still validating. See question 1 and 2.

5. How do I list something for sale?
Post your item in the relevant forum and you'll be sent to the payment page automatically. You can choose to pay 7 for a single advert, or 20 for a years access to post as much as you like.

6. I've paid but my advert doesn't show or I can't find my ad! Am I blind?
PM ped or email us. We can look at your account and find out what's happened.

7. I'm having trouble with a deal made through Basschat. What should I do?
PM a moderator (see the 'about us' tab) and we can look into it. Legally we hold no responsibility but we can try to help - where we've had problems in the past it's usually a false alarm and gets sorted quickly.

8. I'm a dealer and I'd like to sell things to your members. Can I do this?
Yes - currently we allow dealers to post in the 'Affiliates' forum. Head there and read the FAQ at the top of the forum. We're updating our policy soon so watch this space. Please don't sell items in the other forums.

9. I'd like to advertise on your site. Who do I speak to?
Check out the 'about us' tab. We have some limited ad space for advertisers and further options such as sponsored forums available.

10. When did Basschat start?
Originally we were called Bassworld. We started a forum in about 2002 which ran for a while, fuelled by a thread for UK bass players on an American forum. It was successful, but the software was grinding to a halt. We started another site called Basstalk a few years later using the database from Bassworld. It was OK but the FBI took the site down because it was on the same host as a site they were investigating(!) so that was annoying. We decided after some time to start afresh with a new database and created Basschat. We're currently expanding our scope to cater for guitar players and even drummers and look forward to welcoming lots of new members as we continue to grow and fulfil our goal of being the home of the UK bass community.

11. Can you like us/me on Facebook?
Yes - send us a message and we'll get right on it. We have a FB page which you can see on our homepage.

12. Do you have any jobs?
Several dedicated members help us run the forums by moderating. We don't currently need any extra helpers but we're always interested to hear from anyone who would like to help. Soon we plan on offering some specific roles, so we'll let everyone know about that nearer the time.

13. What bass is best for metal?
Why not create a thread about it and see what people think.

Enjoy the forum and ask if you want help with anything!
The Basschat Team