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Rules and Guidelines for the Marketplace

For the attention of sellers and buyers – stay safe online !

Here are some simple rules and tips which will help you make the most of the marketplace forums and avoid being drawn into a dispute regarding an item or payment. We cannot accept any responsibility for items sold here but can help you avoid being ripped off, and you can help us help you. Please read the following and be careful out there!

Guidelines for SELLERS

1. Please use the forums correctly – listings must be put in the correct sections not least because people will not be able to find your item. The 'Other musically related stuff' forum should be treated as such – no selling furniture or exhaust systems please! Items related to bass playing and music in general are fine.

2. Please provide pictures with your listing, or show your intent to do so. It will help people judge the accuracy of the advert and help you sell the item. If pictures are impossible, if you can't get someone to lend you their camera, you should allow viewing of the item.

3. These forums are for selling USED items only. If you are a trader then get in touch with a moderator who will be able to help you.

4. Moderators will step in and remove fraudulent or otherwise dodgy items. If there are any concerns or questions please PM a moderator.

5. You must state a price for your item. Even if your item is just for trade, you must include your trade valuation of your item as a guide for others seeking to trade. Anything without a price clearly stated will be subject to removal. Also do not invite 'offers'.

6. Posting links to your own eBay auction is not allowed.

7. "Bumping" - The practice of adding a post to your advert for the purpose of moving it to the top of the forum. No more than one "bump" per 36 hours please. The moderators will delete adverts that get 'bumped' too often.

8. Please note rule 16 from the General Terms & Conditions of use of the forum which says:
16. Marketplace
( a ) Subscriptions to use the marketplace will not be refunded to members whose forum behaviour or conduct results in them receiving any form of account suspension or banning.
( b ) Posts in the 'Wanted Items' forum must not allude to any other item being available for trade or sale.
( c ) Items for sale or links to items for sale are not allowed to be shown in member's signatures unless the item, or link to it, is an item that is advertised for sale or trade within the forum guidelines by the same member on this website.
( d ) Only items that are owned by and in the possession of the member can be advertised for sale or trade.
( e ) Items that are not considered appropriate for sale in the 'any items' forum will be removed at the discretion of the Moderating Team. These will generally be items that are illegal to possess either by statute law or by age restriction such as tobacco and alcohol.

9) The following will result in an advert being removed without prior notice.

i) Adding any extra items to any pre-existing advert.
ii) Adverts containing multiple items not having a valuation amount that reflects the combined value of those items.
iii)Trade adverts that do not show the cash equivalent of the item being traded.

Use of the Marketplace is offered on the basis of good faith.
The moderating team accept that 'mistakes' can happen but members should be aware that a pattern of two or more breaches of the above terms may risk loss of access to the Marketplace.

Mistakes in the valuation of an ad are not editable and will require a new ad to correct.
Speak to one of the moderators if you have made a mistake as soon as the advert is posted.

Guidelines for BUYERS

1. Make sure you exchange contact details with the seller. Get as much as you can – phone number, address, email and full name are essential. Be vigilant of members not offering any details other than their username.

2. If in doubt about a seller's credibility, search the 'feedback forum' to see if they have sold before. Do not accept evidence of eBay feedback as there is no way of proving this is the same person.

3. Have a good look at the member who you are buying from. View their 'profile' to find out how often they are on the forum, how many posts they have made and how long they have been a member. Be extra careful of brand new members with few posts.

4. If you have a concern with the authenticity/originality/provenance/description etc of an item for sale, do not comment on the seller's thread as these comments will be removed by a moderator. If you believe an item to be fraudulent then please PM a moderator and we will do our best to arbitrate - otherwise simply move along.

5. If you believe the price of the item is too cheap/expensive, then please PM the seller as to why. Do not ridicule or undermine the seller by posting how much you think it's worth or how much it can be gotten for elsewhere, the laws of supply and demand will determine if the item sells at that price.

6. Always view the item if possible. At the very least request decent photographs.


I hope these pointers are useful. If you see anything suspect please use the Posted Image button at the bottom of every post to alert a moderator.

Any queries and please contact me or any other moderator :)

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