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PJB Suitcase power switch.

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#1 Maude

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Posted 11 June 2017 - 10:03 AM

Hello, my PJB Suitcase has been randomly turning itself off which I at first thought was a dodgy power lead, as if you wriggled it when it shut down it would turn back on again. It's very intermittent so was a bit difficult to diagnose but it seems to be the power switch, the switch is next to the power input and when wriggling the lead I must have been touching the switch. The last few times it's done it I have just very gently touched the switch and it's come back on again, the switch feels slightly stiff in one direction and doesn't have that positive click it should so I'm replacing it.
This is where I could do with some confirmation from any electronics whizzes.
The switch has four terminals so I assume it's a DPST switch?
If I number the terminals 1-4 in a clockwise rotation
1 is red and goes to the voltage selecter,
2 is white and goes to the large transformer,
3 is black and goes to the power input,
4 is red and goes to the power input.

Can I just get a standard DPST switch from Maplins and connect the terminals in the same order?

My other problem is that I usually don't use the amp at gigs as I use our PA and monitors but I have a festival and a scooter rally to play this weekend and will need the amp as backline.
I'd hoped it would just be a basic two terminal switch which I could bridge with a connector if I couldn't get a switch in time, can I still bridge this switch with two connectors, and if so is it 1&2 together and 3&4 together, or is it not that simple?
Sorry for the rambling and thanks in advance for any advice.

#2 BassBunny

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Posted 11 June 2017 - 11:59 AM

I would be surprised if it is anything other than a DPST switch but If it were me i'd take a picture of the wiring of the switch.
Draw a sketch of what goes where.
Remove the switch and use a Multimeter to find out out what happens when the switch is in the Off and On position.

Only then will you know what type of switch it is.
Or contact Phil Jones Bass and ask them. Chances are they will send a replacement.
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#3 molan

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Posted 11 June 2017 - 03:45 PM

Send a message to Alan Greensall at Synergy Distribution. He's the man on all things PJB and he'll be able to help and maybe even source a replacement without too much hassle :)
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#4 Maude

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Posted 11 June 2017 - 05:38 PM

I'm such a dumbass sometimes, my excuse is that electricity is still a fairly new phenomenon down here in Cornwall, of course just check it with a meter, at least then I can bridge the right terminals as a temporary fix for this weekend and get a new switch.
Thank you Bassbunny.
And thanks for the contact info Molan, I thought about contacting PJB in the hope they might just send me the correct switch.
As an aside, these amps are built well, the switch and wires are cable tied up, have a massive heatshrunk wrap over them, and then the whole thing cemented to the housing to stop it vibrating loose. Most amps I've poked around in, a switch like this has just been clipped in and the connectors pushed on.

Thanks again.

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